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Located in Raidurg, Hyderabad, Gaman Physiocare is a 40-bed rehabilitation facility, entirely dedicated to rehabilitation. It is centrally located to Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, MLA Colony, Madhapur, Kondapur, Manikonda, Gachibowli, Nanakramguda and the High Tech City corridor. Since its inception in 2011, Gaman PhysioCare has progressed rapidly to establish itself as the leading multi-specialty rehabilitation unit that provides a high quality professional service.

We believe in 3A care – Affordable, Accessible & Accountable. Our facility is centrally located, accessible to all and offering care affordable to people of all social strata…

Our previous clients recommend a majority of our patients, which stands testament to our professional approach and high quality treatment. We attract and welcome clients from Hyderabad, from across India and from around the world. We have cared for thousands of our clients with a professional and patient-specific approach, and high quality service resulting in a positive patient experience. We would like to extend the same core

Dr. Nanda Kishore

BPT (NIMS), M.S.(Sports)(UK) | Chief Consultant & Managing Director


To provide the most effective rehabilitative care for patients suffering from diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system and other diseases or conditions. To lessen disability and dependence, and ensure that every patient makes the fullest possible recovery from a debilitating illness or traumatic injury. 

To engage in research, development, and teaching programs to improve medical care, to reduce disability and dependency and to further knowledge and understanding of disease mechanisms and causes. To offer the highest quality rehabilitation health care services appropriate to the needs of the community, by employing the latest, state-of-the-art technology

Our Vision

To become the premier healthcare organization Committed to providing evidence-based rehabilitation, education, and preventive health services for lifetime wellness. As a specialty centre we believe: A team approach, consisting of employees and volunteers, will provide the best opportunity for compassionate, efficient care to our patients. Trained team members must be empowered to deliver such care.




The Best in Technology meets the Best in Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists & rehab specialists utilize therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, soft tissue manipulation, breathing exercises and postural drainage techniques to release contracted muscles and tendons, mobilize joints, improve muscle strength and joint stability, improve functional mobility, balance and enhance performance.

Other effective physiotherapy modalities include ultrasound, interferential treatment, electrical muscle stimulation, continuous passive movement, mechanical spinal traction and video analysis to evaluate and enhance an individual’s ability to function. We make use of advances in medical technology & bleeding edge medical tech to provide world-class care to all of our patients. This sophisticated infrastructure coupled with rehab specialists & well-trained staff help us provide unparalleled care & treatment for our patients.


Our Patient Testimonials

  • Good results will come with proper assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, just like any other medicine. Hence chosing good physiotherapy centre is most important. Gaman is fantastic at designing a wonderful treatment plan for best results and early functional outcome, in varied specialities.
    Sushmaja Aajjugal
  • Precise diagnosis. Goal Oriented Approach and very passionate to provide services to patients. They have clear understanding of rehabilitation from end to end which is lacking in many other places which have visited for my wife treatment. You cant find better place than gaman in hyderabad.
    Sampath Rapaka
  • Gaman Physio Care has an outstanding dedication to treat the patients to repossess the strength. Well trained and friendly staff. Treated my father well.Thanks to Doctor Nanda Kishore garu.
    Neeraja Dondapati
  • My Mother aged 60 had developed a muscle pain in her leg and within 3 days she got completely recovered and was able to walk without support. Thanks, GAMAN Physiocare for the excellent support and the special care provided to senior citizens.
    Prasanna Kumar
  • Excellent pain relief techniques and very caring physiotherapist. Came with severe pain a few days back and now typing this review with almost no pain. I would recommend Gaman for all those who are in need of pain relief. Thank you so much Gaman.
  • I had low back pain radiating towards my leg. The trigger release technique and the rehab sessions helped me to recover from the pain and strengthened my muscles. Thanks to Dr. Nanda Kishore.
    Shiva Kumar

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