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In Patient Services

Gaman in-patient centre has 40 beds and the facility of admitting patients with movement disorders and other physical impairments. We provide comprehensive and highly specialized inpatient rehabilitation services to help them regain independence by restoring function and improving mobility.

Our cohesive team is committed to providing exemplary care with professionalism, compassion and a positive attitude.

Our team of experts will analyze, assess and evaluate perceptions, expectations and needs of every patient along with their physical and cognitive abilities. The insights and information availed form this initial and ongoing evaluation ensures that our treatments are effective and meaningful to the individual, and delivered in a way that ensures faster recovery.

Our physiotherapy experts will discuss the treatment options with patients beforehand to help them to take informed decisions about their treatment and recovery.

The plan of care is built around the patient’s personal goals and abilities. Our rehabilitation team that includes physical therapist, nurse, occupational therapist, dietitian, speech pathologist, psychologist, physician, and a case coordinator collaborate to deliver the best possible care and smoothest possible transition to home.

Clients will be evaluated by the entire clinical team and based on the assessment of the needs their daily plan of care is scheduled, which includes several of the therapy sessions.

After rehabilitation, and upon discharge, our clients will be provided additional care at home and follow up appointments are arranged as needed to evaluate further progress and enhance their quality of life.

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