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Parkinsons Disease

At its simplest, it is a progressive* neurological disorder, which so far cannot be cured. It is variable in its progression, i.e. some people progress more slowly than others, and the symptoms can be effectively controlled with medication for many years.

Parkinson’s results from a shortage of dopamine, a chemical that helps instructions from the brain to cross from one nerve cell to the next, in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which has to do with controlling movement.

We all lose some of this chemical as we get older, and the loss starts at birth! However, it is only when we have lost about 80% of our dopamine we start to have symptoms. So people with Parkinson’s have lost this chemical at a slightly faster rate than others.

People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) often experience stiff or rigid muscles, difficulty moving around, and problems with balance and posture and  develop difficulties with everyday actions, such as walking normally, getting up from a chair, turning over and getting in and out of bed.

Physiotherapists at gaman physio care, relieve muscle and joint stiffness and discomfort by use of exercise, relaxation, physical treatments such as heat and cooling, and by carefully moving joints and by stretching muscles (manipulation). we can also teach people to do this themselves and teach how to get round  these problems and make it easier to get about. we can recommend any walking aids and appliances and other equipment that would be suitable.

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