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Chronic Pain

At Gaman Physiocare we offer outpatient & Inpatient service to help patients suffering from chronic pain. Our patient-centered Chronic Pain Management Program has helped countless patients to stay mobile, safe and happy.

We emphasize on adopting a multidisciplinary approach to treat chronic pain, as a number of physiological and psychological factors are associated with it. Our team of physiotherapists works in tandem with psychologists, occupational therapists and doctors, with the sole purpose of reducing pain, developing physical ability and mental well being.

About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a long-lasting and ongoing pain that doesn’t go away over time. Ranging from mild to severe, the pain can be debilitating and can affect the quality of life of a person suffering from it. A majority of aging and working class population is affected by it. Generally seen as normal part of aging alarmingly, chronic pain is often seen in working population in these days. Although chronic pain can be diagnosed easily in most of the people, it is tough to diagnose in people with cognitive impairment, as they suffer the wrenching pain in silence.

Aim of our Chronic Pain Management Program

The primary aim of this program is not the reduction and relief of pain but to enable patients with chronic pain to learn pain management strategies, reap the benefits of regular exercise and confidence in body movement and thereby improving their quality of life.

We strive to achieve and maintain patient’s functional ability by setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Time bound Goals (S.M.A.R.T goals). Psychological counseling will be provided to manage stress.

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