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Bony fractures i.e.. discontinuity or break in the bone can occur most commonly due to road traffic accidents or violent injuries or sometimes very trivial injury (fall on the floor, slip in the bathroom) can cause fracture due to some underlying disease such as tumor, infection, osteoporosis etc and they are named as pathological fractures.

Management of fracture will be either conservative or surgical which depends on type of fracture. Classification of fractures is based on the anatomical location and types includes displaced, undisplaced, transverse, spiral, longitudinal, greenstick, comminuted, compound, complex etc.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the displaced part, immobilise in plaster cast and allow for its natural healing of the bone, even surgical fixation (nails, plates,screws,wires) as opted is to ensure the stability of the fracture.

After the bone has healed it is must and necessary to continue physical therapy to restore muscle strength and near normal mobility to the affected joints, otherwise there may be risk of developing permanent stiffness.

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