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Neck Pain

Physiotherapy is an art and science of combining human physiology with exercises and applying these principles to ease the pain and suffering from an injury. Physiotherapy for neck pain focusses on treating cervical spine, soft tissues, joints and discs of neck.

Neck Pain & It’s Causes

Neck pain is one of the most common pains suffered by the people. Despite of its strength, the necks function and flexibility makes it susceptible to strain and injuries.

The neck pain can be acute (10 to 12 days) caused by stress on cervical spine or it can be chronic (More than 2 weeks) due to stress on soft tissues, joints and discs of neck. Prolonged working in poor posture (computer engineers), injuries from commonly whiplash, degenerative diseases like cervical spondylosis, weakened bones (osteoporosis) and muscle pain (fibromyalgia) can cause neck pain.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Just like back pain, the neck pain can range from sharp to dull and achy. Some patients suffering from neck pain may experience stiffness and rigidity in neck limiting the necks ability to turning, tilting or lowering. The pain can also radiate to the shoulders or arms weakening the person’s motor functions.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Our team will fully evaluate your spine function and assess posture and the location and degree of your pain. With a conservative, non-surgical, and drug-free approach we specialize in integrating the best and most appropriate physiotherapy treatments for your neck pain.

Each neck pain case we encounter at Gaman Physiocare is handled with special care and attention. Our physiotherapy treatments are built on decades of uncompromising patient care and sound medial principles.

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