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Repetitive Stress Injuries

What is repetitive stress injury (RSI)?

Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is a stress related, cumulative injury resulting from constant repetitive movements. Awkward angles of movement and taking insufficient rest periods are the the culprits that cause this kind of injury. RSI is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions today. with the popularization of technology in our workplace, physicians treating someone with RSI must suddenly consider a whole new panorama of ergonomic concerns. Most doctors know how to fix a sprained wrist or broken bone. RSI, on the other hand, is a cumulative condition that can take months or even years to surface with its painful symptoms. The condition, logically, does not respond to any quick fix approach. An effective treatment plan requires the professional to identify and help the patient change behaviors that initially produced injury.

We, humans, are outrun daily by high speed machines in the work place. As a result, we push ourselves to our physical limits trying to meet impossible deadlines. With the introduction of the computer, we now type faster than the inventor of the old Remington typewriter ever imagined possible. We communicate endlessly on our cellular phones and through E-mail. we rarely leave our workstations for fear of falling behind in the competitive world marketplace. in light of these communication and technological demands, gaman physio care is constantly available and ready to respond. The problem is an endemic of repetitive stress injuries. One in every ten workers file a workers compensation claim for RSI during every year. And the numbers are still climbing.

It is time for education. Time to understand our relationship to our jobs and the machines on which we work. Prevention is the only cure for this pernicious kind of injury. It is time to respect our health at work and do the same at home. gaman will help you with the solutions for those with whom you work and live to do just that. It is first necessary for you to understand what RSI is and then build your own customised treatment plan to address any RSI symptoms you may now be experiencing.

RSI is a cumulative injury – tendons, ligaments and muscles are worn down over time during repetitive tasks with few rest breaks. Therefore the real key to a full recovery goes way beyond being evaluated in doctor’s office and showing up for physical therapy sessions. Recovery requires a commitment to long term changes in your attitude and behavior well after you have healed.

Gaman explains the physiological and psychological changes that can occur when you have repetitive stress injuries. Diagnoses various kinds of injuries that fall under RSI’s rubric and other conditions related to RSI. Gaman makes sure you will have a clear picture of what physical changes have occurred and how they impact the rest of your systems (metabolic, cardiovascular, immune etc.). Then teaches how to minimize the symptoms and increase your flexibility, range of movement and muscle tone. You are always welcome to ask intelligent questions and create a more effective partnership with team gaman. The more you understand what is happening to you, the easier it will be to adapt and heal.

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