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Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy

The birth of a baby is a major life changing event for women and her family. A women transforms into a mother and a family is created.

for years , discomforts associated with expecting a baby was accepted as a normal part of pregnancy. fortunately today it is possible to significantly reduce and maintain the level of discomfort or pain to a minimum through proper physiotherapy treatments.

mums – to – be should be able to enjoy their pregnancy to the full and now many consultants recommend prenatal and post natal physiotherapy to relieve the discomfort experience by these women and help them prepare the body for an easier delivery and recovery process.

as part of our dedicated prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy sessions, we make you do exercises for you and your baby for wide range of benefits such as boosting your energy levels during 1st,2nd and 3rd trimesters, improve cardiovascular fitness, core strength and stability, easing back pain/ sciatica, labour preparation, mobility and flexibility, pelvic floor training, posture and strength, relaxation, prevention of excess weight gain etc.

following our safe and sensible pregnancy exercise programme can have real benefits for you and your growing baby. exercising provides sound prenatal advice and a range of exercises to suit your individual preferences and needs allowing to keep fit with confidence and reap the benefits for a healthy pregnancy.

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